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Stamps, Revenues, Postal History of Europe

Stamps, Revenues, Postal History of Europe

We deal in stamps and postal history of Europe, and also publish a series of standard catalogues on revenue stamps.

I first began dealing in stamps 50+ years ago, to augment my collection of the stamps of France.

The years rolled on, and now we are a family-run company based in York, England, as a mail-order and internet business with contacts worldwide.

You receive my personal attention and experience, whether on-line or by postal mail.

Enjoy exploring the on-line offers and information pages.............................. John Barefoot.


  • One-country stamp collections of many countries, especially Europe, sold intact, plus stockcard and clearance lots, all for direct sale at attractive, competitive prices. Some are vendor lots from estates and existing clients.
  • Stamps and postal history of Germany. Full range of normal stamps sold individually, plus specialised stamps and postal history.See our "Germany" website.
  • Stamps and postal history of Austria. Full range of normal stamps sold individually, plus specialised stamps and postal history.See our "Austria" website.
  • Revenue stamp catalogues and other philatelic literature for many countries, plus new listings of revenue stamps (free!) for collector information.
  • Revenue stamps for direct sale of many countries, frequently changing stock.

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Our long-awaited "British Comonwealth Revenues" came out recently, quickly sold out, but more have been printed. It is again in stock. 502 pages, 10th edition, substantially larger than previously, and many price changes throughout. To view details and buy a copy from the new print run, please CLICK HERE.

Also just out this month is our 2nd edition of "Austria Revenues" (17 years since the last edition!). 180 pages, substantially larger than previously, many additions in the Municipals section, and many price changes throughout. To view details and purchase, please CLICK HERE.

A new COLLECTIONS list is being prepared. To receive this latest list, just send us a quick email with your name and postal address. To view IN FULL a sample recent list (April 2017) please CLICK HERE.

Breaking up a library of philatelic handbook, mainly Europe and Foreign, some recent, some older, hard-to-find 2nd hand. See "Philatelic Literature - for sale".

More "back of book" stamps stock are being added this month. Keep an eye on the REVENUE STAMPS - FOR SALE and LOCALS STAMPS - FOR SALE sections as more lots have been added this month. Available so far : 600+ items of GB and Commonwealth, Europe and Overseas.

New additions to our "Revenue Stamps - Information" pages (provisional catalogue listings) include :

  • Algeria (French) - updated, June 2017
  • Algeria (Independent) - new listing, June 2017
  • Cayman Islands - radically rewritten June 2017
  • Cameroun - yet more finds of modern issues, updated June 2018
  • Chad - new listing, June 2018
  • Comoro Islands - updated January 2018
  • Dahomey (French) - new listing, January 2018
  • Ethiopia - new listing, June 2018
  • Fiume - updated listing, September 2018
  • French Congo - new listing, August 2017
  • French Guiana - updated listing, September 2017
  • Guadeloupe - new listing, September 2017
  • Guinea (Italian Consular) - new listing, June 2017
  • Italy 1947 Ricostruzione - new listing August 2018
  • Macau - new listing, February 2018
  • Madagascar - updated June 2017
  • Morocco (independent) - new listing August 2018
  • Polynesia - new listing, September 2017
  • Russia Philatelic Tax - new listing, May 2018
  • San Marino - updated, September 2017
  • Switzerland Tourism Tax - new listing by Clayton Wallace, compiled October 2016, uploaded September 2017
  • Tunisia - updated listing, September 2017
  • Ubangi-Shari-Chad - new listing, August 2017
  • More French Colonies listings shortly.

Our sister site, devoted entirely to the stamps and postal history of GERMANY, has more updates this month too.

and some book news.....

  • "POLAND REVENUES" 2nd edition in full colour is available. (see the page "Philatelic Literature / Poland")


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