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Stamps of Austria

Stamps of Austria

PART 1 : EMPIRE : From 1850, Empire classics to 1919, Dues, Newspaper, Military Post, Lombardy, Levant, Bosnia, Trentino/Venezia.
Definitives offered singly; commemoratives offered in full sets.
Separate prices for unmounted mint, mint light hinged, and for used.
Always first class condition (good gum, used with neat cds etc).
Attractive prices (many at half catalogue or less).
Your order normally sent by return mail.
32 page printed list free on request (remember to let us know your name and address for mailing it).

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PART2 : REPUBLIC1919-1956 also appears at about 6-monthly intervals.

These are printed lists for regular stamps. You can order the stamps from the printed list by email, postal mail, or phone 01904 426879.