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Fiume was included in both our "Hungary Revenues" (2007) and "Italy Revenues" (2013) catalogues. The issues are quite complex. Gradually more finds have been made, and some details of classification have been adjusted, and some improved scans help ease of use. So, the listing provided here updates what was in those catalogues. This is still a "work in progress" listing (last updated September 2018). It is only a private working document for use between J.Barefoot and other collectors.

To view IN FULL this listing (which can then be printed out for personal use only, not for publication) please CLICK HERE

If you have new finds to add to the listing, please get in touch with us by email at Much of the material is quite scarce (we seldom see these offered) and therefore pricing (in UK £) is tentative. If you can help improve the few remaining black/white illustrations, your contribution would be welcomed. Illustrations are best as a .jpg colour scan, on a small black background to show the perforations.