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Barefoot publication

Standard catalogues project for the revenue stamps of Bulgaria and Romania, Bulgaria research by H. Raciniewski and Dick Stevens, and Romania by John Barefoot and Valentin Robu. The larger part of the drafts so far cover Romania itself, from 19th century to very recent, and listing the many special purpose taxes which were required on Romanian documents (sometimes three or four categories of stamp had to be used on the same document). The Romania listing also covers revenues directly imprinted on documents, and the occupation issues made by the Germans in WWI, and the Russian occupation of Transylvania in 1945. For the collector of Bulgarian revenues, so far there is listing of approx 50 pages for Bulgaria, Thrace and DDSG.
To be priced and illustrated in colour, similar to Barefoot A4 3-column format. The smaller original draft version of the two countries (black/white), aimed for collectors' comments and additions, was distributed free on request to interested collectors who volunteered help with the project in 2003. We are still working on this project and final versions (in colour) will hopefully appear in due course. If you can help with scans of around the final 10% of items needing colour illustrations (the more elusive items, especially municipals) please contact us. If you are interested in acquiring these books when they eventually are in published, please email us.

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